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  • Step one: This conversation.

    Step one: This conversation. A few weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at Penn State University’s wonderful “Powerful Women Paving the Way” conference. I love the conference name. I love that it was organized by a student organization, Women in Business. And I love that there was a diverse mixture of women and men both in the students […]
  • Announcing Conversations!

    Since the forming of GirlAuthentic, there have been many requests to tell people what the “model” looks like for a new business that is based on a balance of the feminine and masculine. I have resisted answering the requests with only my specific ideas. I do have some ideas, but I guarantee you they are only some of the ideas, […]
  • We’re Thinking Too Small

    Why do we hold ourselves accountable to mostly arbitrary numbers of achievement over short periods of time – by month, quarter, or year?   – This is how we measure our success. Your company and your stockholders have been trained to think this way. We’re thinking way too small. Perhaps we need a different definition of success. Jim Collins’ book, […]
  • I call it the Art of Coming and Going

    I call it “coming and going.” I have set up one form of it for myself, and I have seen others with many variations on the theme. What do I mean? I mean the ability to “come and go” from a job place, a company, a profession – even from work altogether. The ability to choose to work for periods […]
  • Three reasons “leaning in” won’t work for women

    Since I started GirlAuthentic, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Sheryl Sandberg’s book and ongoing conversation “Lean In.” Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World; her book is loaded with advice on how women can achieve their goals and realize their leadership potential. I tell people her advice is […]
  • We See What We See

    Look at the Girl Authentic logo above. What is it? We see what we see. Until last week, every person I asked told me they saw a man’s tie first. That’s what I saw first, too. Moments later, I also saw a woman’s dress. Some people never see the dress until I point it out. Did you? We see what […]
  • Women, we need you to build businesses.

    The predominant business culture most of us operate in today was built by men, for men. All the rules we play by, all the expectations, all the behaviors that are talked about as helping to assure success – they’re all based on a male vibration, male patterns of behavior, male expectations. Men built these businesses. Men run them. They design […]
  • Here’s What “Feminine” Looks Like at Work

    What do I mean by “the feminine”? I don’t necessarily mean female. In fact “the feminine” can be displayed by either gender in the workplace. There’s a list of attributes and ways of interacting we can characterize as “feminine” – I’ve already listed some of them here. Here’s an example of one characteristic from that list – caring and loving […]
  • Incremental Change? No, Let’s Build New Business Structures Instead

    Why do I believe we are going to have to build new businesses to have the balance many of us are seeking? Because, I’m impatient. I believe the current business structures will be able to change only, at best, incrementally. Let’s look at the numbers…in 1973 we had one woman CEO of the Fortune 500.  It was Katherine Graham of […]
  • Working Women – Leave a Legacy

    I’d be willing to bet, that most readers are going to at least initially view my comments as part of a gender discussion. That is understandable, because that is the context within which we have been talking about this issue over the past several decades. I am hopeful that as we go along, many will join me in seeing this […]